Orboltix® provides both consulting services in the fields of STEM and online platforms for e-commerce, entertainment, and communication experiences. Our mission is to ensure that businesses and individuals are able to advance their scientific and technological knowledge and prowess while simultaneously being entertained by our amenities.


The Hypcampex® provides a learning management portal and online education in biology and data science. In addition, consumers are able to play interactive games and watch our exclusive shows.

The Hypcampex® Subscription grants access to all available features of the Hypcampex® in addition to discounts from our store, the Golgi Apparatus®, and full access to our video chat application known as the Fovea® where you can host video and messaging sessions.

The Fovea® provides video conferencing and communications for personal, educational, and professional use. Enjoy the ability to create group rooms and video calls, use educational tools instantly, and seemlessly communicate with peers through our messaging system.

The Orboltix® is primarily responsible for biotech research, engineering, and information technology consulting, plus the development of high-end technological applications. The Hypcampex®, Fovea®, and Golgi Apparatus®, are all a part of the Orboltix® family of applications. In regards to services and consulting, the Orboltix® primarily supports small businesses by providing data literacy training, computer hardware and software support, high-quality employees, drones to capture footage and perform assessments, and the engineering of software via full stack development that meets the criteria for what the client business needs to prosper and thrive.

Furthermore, in regards to Biotechnology, the Orboltix® focuses on the biofabrication of ecofriendly materials and genetic research in the field of Oncology - ultimately striving to engineer state-of-the-art medicines and preventative treatments for tumorigenesis and oncogenesis. Other medical services are provided including STI testing, plus seasonal allergy, COVID, and Flu Shots by authorized medical professionals.

The Golgi Apparatus® distributes technical products such as computers, lab supplies, and security equipment to assure that your technical infrastructure is upgraded. You will also have access to our exclusive gear and accessories.


Biologists of Later Tomorrows (BOLT) ® L.L.C. continuously strives to be a company that ensures of luxury, professional, and efficient service. We aim to advance and always surpass customer expectations to assure of a premium and satisfying end-product and experience.


Ashlyn Blevins

Director of Research

ASHLYN BLEVINS, the Director of Research, has a mission of advancing the biological sciences with next-generation research techniques. Through her skills and prowess, Blevins provides ideas for novel research projects and methods to aid in bettering the research teams at Biologists of Later Tomorrows (BOLT) LLC.

Niko Darby

Founder and CEO

NIKO DARBY, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Biologists of Later Tomorrows (BOLT) LLC, is an individual that believes in diversifying and advancing the fields of STEM. As a biologist and data scientist, Darby witnessed an immense lack of diversity while in the field.

In fact, according to the National Science Foundation, only 3% of biologists are black/african american. When observing data science, Zippia states that only 1% of data scientists are black/african american. Darby was baffled to see such statistics and resultantly set out on a quest to diversify and expand the fields of biology and data science.

With Biologists of Later Tomorrows (BOLT) LLC, Darby and his team will show the world that underrepresented scientists are innovative and leaders of the future tech world. Through the technical and educational services provided by Biologists of Later Tomorrows, businesses and individuals will be advanced unlike ever before and provided with the foundations necessary to prosper in the world of tomorrow.

Loriel Taylor

Director of Sales

LORIEL TAYLOR, the Director of Sales, is a highly experienced mortuary scientist who has immense experience in sales. Through her sales tactics, she provides the standards, methodologies, and infrastructure for advancing the sales force at Biologists of Later Tomorrows (BOLT) LLC



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